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Welcome. If you were to know one thing about me, it’s that I’ve dedicated myself to teaching, writing and being useful to people. For some of the details, you can check out my Linked In page. In short, I’ve been teaching and studying languages since 1995, with lots of other teaching experience mixed in. The most recent expression of that is Critical Infrastructure for Children on Amazon, which was written to empower and respond to the needs of parents, students and educators.

Not only can you buy copies of the book from this page, but you can also request a live presentation if you’re in New England.

Presentations are uniform and designed for parents, students and educators, although I can take special requests to focus more on one area or another. Presentations involve answering 11 questions in some depth. I spend between two and four minutes answering each question, depending on how much detail the audience wants. I also allow about 45 minutes for questions.

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