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Questions and Answers

The questions and answers here can allow you to see some of the potential for good that can come through the books for sale here, as well as some of the challenges and lessons learned.

1. What is the ultimate goal of Critical Infrastructure for Children? There are many goals of the book, but the overarching one is to act as a resource for parents, students and educators. The 165 questions in the book address what’s working in education, what could be working better and key information that most people don’t know.

2. What is the main point I make with regards to language learning programs? What any school that commits itself to having fantastic language programs can do so, regardless of money.

3. Why did I write the letter “A Mystical Vision of Wild Wes?” To make the point that the “green” platforms of many schools and organizations in New England are lacking in two major areas; conservation and reduction of animal cruelty.

4. What role can CIC play in the restoration of the middle class? The core principle is that any student can go to any community or state college and build a life. It highlights the role that these colleges can play in boosting farming, manufacturing and mental health.

5. What are presentations of CIC like? I do a presentation called “Forty Blessings” in which I run down forty points that parents students and educators should be aware of. Of course no one can remember all “Forty Blessings”, but that’s what the book is for; the presentation is simply an introduction to the book.

6. What do I hope for in conservation in New England? I hope that the participation in planning for protection of our natural resources will include a large part of the population, including students and older people. CIC gets into what some colleges are doing to this end.

7. What do I think about the future of New England? All I know is that I have done the work to have the clarity to say that I can positively contribute to many aspects of it, assuming we work together.