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About and Bibliography for Mobile

Welcome. If you were to know one thing about me, it’s that I’ve dedicated myself to teaching, writing and being useful to people. For some of the details, you can check out my Linked In page. In short, I’ve been teaching and studying languages since 1995, with lots of other teaching experience mixed in.

Critical Infrastructure for Children was written as a handbook for parents, students and educators looking to maximize opportunities in education in New England. After completing the last installment of Ideas for America, it was clear that a book that focused exclusively on education was needed. I have drawn upon decades of research, teaching and work experience to make this book as useful as it can be to exasperated, desperate parents or young people in search of information that can help them. Critical Infrastructure for Children on Amazon was written to empower and respond to the needs of the people.

What about the money? I’ll only be taking an extremely modest annual stipend from the sales of my books, with the rest going to support programs in the book. I have to because it’s important that people see that I’m not trying to get rich.


Ideas for America; Let the Sun In on Amazon is a collection of ten highly integrated essays on improving quality of life in a sustainable way.

How to Make Communities Walker and Biker Friendly. Just a little piece on how some communities can go about building more green infrastructure.

How to Support Massachusetts Farms A really simple piece on the top ten ways to support local farming. Whereas 28,000 are engaged full time in farming in Massachusetts now, I believe we can get that number to 38,000 and beyond if we work together.

How Schools can Respond to the Opioid Crisis I worked in the schools for a long time doing many different things and applied some of the ideas of Ideas for America; Let the Sun In to the opioid epidemic on the North Shore.

Polish Frequency Dictionary A nice little tool for getting your Polish vocabulary going.

A Mystical Vision of Wild Wes

Critical Infrastructure for Children

Interview on WMWM, 91.7 FM

Radio Interview 11/4/17