Interview on WMWM 91.7

On February 5th I had the pleasure of spending about 90 minutes with Aaron Bornstein on his show “What’s Happening” on WMWM, 91.7, Salem. Click on the play button to listen; below is the (extensive!) list of subjects covered. You can fast forward or rewind the play button.

Subjects Discussed
0:00 until 00:18 Music
00:18 Aaron welcomes me.
1:00 About David Breen
2:00 Why I came to Salem State and took Chinese 201 and 202.
3:20 Why I took Adolescent Psychology
4:00 The New England College Basketball Show
5:22 On Connecticut Women’s Basketball
9:00 On boosting New England small college sports
10:30 Patrick Ewing going to Don Bosco
10:08 Hey why not a Bridgewater St. football game?
10:44 The New England College Football Show
12:14 Italian Music Show
12:40 About the Salem House Press
14:39 Books that Need to be Written
15:33 The Game Clue and Salem
16:30 Advice for Young Authors
17:00 About Teaching Personal Finance.
17:25 About the Salem State Economics department programs.
18:00 Mention of the Bridgewater St. FLAG program.
19:45 What I use to listen to.
20:10 Chatting the Record Exchange
21:19 About my love for WHRB in Cambridge.
21:40 Brian Vita and C Jazz Channel.
21:50 I give props to Lizard Lair. (Tuesday nights from 10 to Midnight on WMWM 91.7.
22:15 Sean getting us on Tune In and other Work
23:38 Strawberry Jams on Saturdays at 2.
25:15 About the Mary Tyler Moore show.
26:10 About the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
27:00 Harvard Women’s Basketball and breaking the 16 game winning streak.
28:16 Harvard head coach Tommy Ammaker
30:00 About Big Papi
33:20 Post game interview with Boston College coach Addazio.
33.15 The road to a Boston College national championship in football and the motto “Light the World.”
35:41 Origins of the Red Bandana game.
39:15 Mention of the Student Theater Ensemble.
39:50 Complaining about the “the newspapers are dying” line.
41:00 The state of vinyl
43:10 About the Massachusetts State colleges.
44:15 Why I write what I write.
45:00 Innovation at the New England community colleges.
45:30 Increase in Maine community college enrollment. Note: I misspoke and said that CC enrollment increased from 100,000 to 180,000, when in fact it was 10,000 to 180,000 over ten years. However, the total enrollment over ten years is certainly well over 100,000, although not quite 180,000.
46:18 About York County community college and their apprenticeship program.
46:50 About the Statewide articulation agreement.
47:33 Uncle Henry’s Basement, MLS Brail, Salem State clipper card ad.
49:20 Tuneage!
52:21 About Matt LeBlanc, Brookline and Matthew Perry.
1:03:30 About the movie Gettysburg.
1:04:40 The Battle of Lexington Green.
1:05:30 The battle of Merriam’s corner.
1:07:30 Plymouth Rock.
1:08:45 My time as a summer Boston Park Ranger.
1:05:00 Props to Boston artists Greg Gouba, Ronnie Deschenes and the Black Hat Project and Charlie Farren.
1:11:40 Artists we’ve lost
1:12:40 Casey the Bat and YMCA camp Sandy Island, NH.
1:13:45 Sitting next to Alan Dershowitz at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.
1:15:20 Aerosmith and Aaron Bornstein meeting Richard Perry.
1:17:00 Talking to Steven Tyler
1:20:20 House of Blues.
1:20:39 Salem artists Erinn Brown, Machine 475 and Richard Lewis, Boston Horns, Kate Eppers and “happy Birthday Mom”
1:21:00 White Rose coffeehouse, Ian, Mike McgyVer
1:22:20 The Dejas, Callie Lipton, Adam Katz
1:23:50 Aaron goes to Tanglewood, Harry Chapin memory
1:29:00 Music
1:39:27 Salem State new Fitness center.
1:41:20 Matt Ryan and Coach Addazio
1:42:00 Doug Flutie playing for Trump, the Flutie drop kick.
1:43.15 Aaron and Steve DeOssie & Fred Smerlas.
1:44:15 The college football and basketball app.
1:45:23 Italian Music show
1:46:00 back to the Music