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Interview on WMWM 91.7

On February 5th I had the pleasure of spending about 90 minutes with Aaron Bornstein on his show “What’s Happening” on WMWM, 91.7, Salem. Click on the play button to listen; below is the (extensive!) list of subjects covered. You can fast forward or rewind the play button.

Subjects Discussed
0:00 until 00:18 Music
00:18 Aaron welcomes me.
1:00 About David Breen
2:00 Why I came to Salem State and took Chinese 201 and 202.
3:20 Why I took Adolescent Psychology
4:00 The New England College Basketball Show
5:22 On Connecticut Women’s Basketball
9:00 On boosting New England small college sports
10:30 Patrick Ewing going to Don Bosco
10:08 Hey why not a Bridgewater St. football game?
10:44 The New England College Football Show
12:14 Italian Music Show
12:40 About the Salem House Press
14:39 Books that Need to be Written
15:33 The Game Clue and Salem
16:30 Advice for Young Authors
17:00 About Teaching Personal Finance.
17:25 About the Salem State Economics department programs.
18:00 Mention of the Bridgewater St. FLAG program.
19:45 What I use to listen to.
20:10 Chatting the Record Exchange
21:19 About my love for WHRB in Cambridge.
21:40 Brian Vita and C Jazz Channel.
21:50 I give props to Lizard Lair. (Tuesday nights from 10 to Midnight on WMWM 91.7.
22:15 Sean getting us on Tune In and other Work
23:38 Strawberry Jams on Saturdays at 2.
25:15 About the Mary Tyler Moore show.
26:10 About the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
27:00 Harvard Women’s Basketball and breaking the 16 game winning streak.
28:16 Harvard head coach Tommy Ammaker
30:00 About Big Papi
33:20 Post game interview with Boston College coach Addazio.
33.15 The road to a Boston College national championship in football and the motto “Light the World.”
35:41 Origins of the Red Bandana game.
39:15 Mention of the Student Theater Ensemble.
39:50 Complaining about the “the newspapers are dying” line.
41:00 The state of vinyl
43:10 About the Massachusetts State colleges.
44:15 Why I write what I write.
45:00 Innovation at the New England community colleges.
45:30 Increase in Maine community college enrollment. Note: I misspoke and said that CC enrollment increased from 100,000 to 180,000, when in fact it was 10,000 to 18,000 over ten years.
46:18 About York County community college and their apprenticeship program.
46:50 About the Statewide articulation agreement.
47:33 Uncle Henry’s Basement, MLS Brail, Salem State clipper card ad.
49:20 Tuneage!
52:21 About Matt LeBlanc, Brookline and Matthew Perry.
1:03:30 About the movie Gettysburg.
1:04:40 The Battle of Lexington Green.
1:05:30 The battle of Merriam’s corner.
1:07:30 Plymouth Rock.
1:08:45 My time as a summer Boston Park Ranger.
1:05:00 Props to Boston artists Greg Gouba, Ronnie Deschenes and the Black Hat Project and Charlie Farren.
1:11:40 Artists we’ve lost
1:12:40 Casey the Bat and YMCA camp Sandy Island, NH.
1:13:45 Sitting next to Alan Dershowitz at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.
1:15:20 Aerosmith and Aaron Bornstein meeting Richard Perry.
1:17:00 Talking to Steven Tyler
1:20:20 House of Blues.
1:20:39 Salem artists Erinn Brown, Machine 475 and Richard Lewis, Boston Horns, Kate Eppers and “happy Birthday Mom”
1:21:00 White Rose coffeehouse, Ian, Mike McgyVer
1:22:20 The Dejas, Callie Lipton, Adam Katz
1:23:50 Aaron goes to Tanglewood, Harry Chapin memory
1:29:00 Music
1:39:27 Salem State new Fitness center.
1:41:20 Matt Ryan and Coach Addazio
1:42:00 Doug Flutie playing for Trump, the Flutie drop kick.
1:43.15 Aaron and Steve DeOssie & Fred Smerlas.
1:44:15 The college football and basketball app.
1:45:23 Italian Music show
1:46:00 back to the Music