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September 4, 2018

Apprenticeships and VTC

by MattF

Recently, I had to ask myself how I might best share the massive amount of information in Critical Infrastructure for Children in such a way that the people of New England win. I decided that for visitors here to convert information into opportunities, the answer is to share a little bit of information here every day. So, today, the theme is apprenticeships in New England, and one model that is working well.

Why Apprenticeships? Two years ago, if you asked me about apprenticeships in New England, I would have little to say in response, except to guess that maybe they still exist? Well, as I’ve learned since, apprenticeships that lead to employment represent one of the key dimensions of job creation for the future in New England. I am aware of quite a few existing models, but today I’ll share the model of Vermont Technical College. You can start by checking out the link below, if you want.

Electrician and Plumbing Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships and Community Colleges After surfing the websites of many community colleges in New England, I found that more apprenticeships are beginning to sprout up in many of them. So, at a time when both many people and many community colleges are struggling, it’s important that the people that would do well in these programs and these colleges find each other. This will be great for the people that find these programs, great for those community colleges and great for all us of us that work hard for a thriving economy here in New England.

If you are interested in a presentation of CIC, you can contact me via LinkedIn.

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