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August 31, 2018

Week 1 and Team Impact

by MattF

What is commonly known as “Week 1” in college football commences tomorrow, as it is the first game week for most college football teams. Although yes, there is what is known as “Week Zero” during which some teams have games. Whatever, the youth of the nation will be competing in all sorts of events soon, and I for one enjoy following a diverse range of men’s and women’s sports at big and small colleges throughout New England. Yes, I choose to focus on New England, in part because I unplug from the national hype and choose to learn more about the region I live in. Plus, not only are sports a nice break from the serious stuff, but in the process I learn about great things, such as the efforts of Team Impact.

Supporting the Disabled Supports Us The thing is; just as CIC emphasizes that supporting the disabled in job creation and other opportunities is not a drain on resources, but rather is a boost to those efforts, the kind of work that Team Impact does is great for college sports. So, before you reach for that third cheeseburger and complain about your team losing in points, maybe think about learning more about an organization that reminds us what college sports is supposed to be all about.

Congratulations to Team Impact and all the NCAA teams that honor themselves by participating in this endeavor!

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