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August 31, 2018

Back Cover

by MattF

Ideas for America: Let the Sun In

Ideas for America is a mini-almanac of sorts with multiple chapters on diverse, mainstream themes. These contents shine a light on effective, existing approaches to language study, adult education, building brighter days at school, elderly health, fiscal sustainability, and much more. The highly curated, fourteen page chapter on Social Security is  extremely relevant and written in layman terms. The chapters are:

1. Language Education

2. Adult Education

3. Keeping the American Dream Alive

4. Creating Opportunities for Adjuncts

5. Building Healthy Local Economies

6. Securing and Maximizing Social Security

7. Simplifying the Federal Tax System

8. Building Heath as Individuals: Ask the Experts

9. Building Health as a Society: Ask the Experts

10. Restoring the New England Middle Class

About the Sources Ideas for America Let the Sun In is the product of an organic writing process that began in late 1997. Currently, the work is supported by easy to reference footnotes, a complete Bibliography and Index. The 100 plus sources in the Bibliography include established writers and groups, but also many lesser known pioneers in their respective fields. Index entries were hand picked over time.

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