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About and Bibliography

The purpose of this site is to promote books, some of which are for language learning and some of which are about improving quality of life. I have been teaching and studying languages since 1995 and writing since 1998. You can book presentations of any of the books by using the form on the Contact page. I travel within New England.

Who Benefits, Who Profits?
The educational programs farms, underfunded colleges and everyone else benefits from the way in which they are supported in books profiled here. But everyone benefits from their existence. At the same time, the vast majority of any profits I make from these books will go right back into promoting the programs profiled here, as well as to new pilot programs. when books start to sell, their will be transparency. Can we restore the middle class in New England? That’s a tough question, but we can certainly improve the situation for many through exploring many of the book themes together.

The truth is that the media is overwhelmed and just not able to fully cover many of the core themes of the books here. So, my gift to local is not only some pages devoted to how we can support our local papers, but also about 150 themes that I have explored briefly, which they are free to explore in greater depth than I have. The difference is that whereas I have profiled some programs in a general sense, they can then explore how these themes can benefit the communities they serve.

Critical Infrastructure for Children; The Role of New England Education
Coming in June of 2017.

Ideas for America: Restoring the Middle Class Coming in June of 2017. See Ideas for America Series page for more information.

Rich Kids, Poor Kids A collection of charts and graphs on how improving quality of life and restoring the middle class. Coming out in September of 2017.

Audio talking about supporting local farms and more.

Polish Frequency Dictionary

Ideas for America; Let the Sun In on Amazon

Note: In June of 2017 Ideas for America; Let the Sun In will be retired and Ideas for America; Restoring the Middle Class, the sequel, will come out.

How to Make Communities Walker and Biker Friendly.

How to Support Massachusetts Farms

How Schools can Respond to the Opioid Crisis

Polish Frequency Dictionary