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What is my primary responsibility? I have made it my primary responsibility to write books that can be used as a tool to maximize quality of life and/or address serious problems.

My preparation for this primary responsibility has come through researching trends in education, writing and developing ideas every day for twenty years, teaching high school for five years, working with desperate and troubled children and teenagers, tutoring children and adults in language, teaching and studying languages, exploring ways to make language classes more effective, taking courses in adolescent psychology, being a good neighbor, being nice to and listening to the concerns of older people, watching hundreds of documentaries while taking notes, exploring ways to most effectively teach personal finance, following and interacting with credible journalists, building a life out of nothing in Europe for three years, quizzing myself on how ideas might positively affect strangers I walk past, being a good building trustee in a building full of difficult people, listening to the concerns of young people, personally interviewing book sources, writing hundreds of letters, watching PBS shows that document life in the Boston area, teaching myself languages, practicing answering tough questions on public policy, sparring in martial arts that I’m not particularly good at, supporting a struggling radio station, taking classes as part of a MAT in Spanish program, interviewing people of very different backgrounds, learning about the challenges of veterans,watching people lose their battle with cancer, exploring ways to boost employment in agriculture and manufacturing, listening to the struggles of black Americans, spending fifty hours on the websites of New England community colleges to learn about new programs that are helping people, pondering what I’ve learned while clearing some rough land in Maine, presenting a platform that would best serve young people in two political races in two districts, dealing with snobbery and ignorance, dealing with the heartache of losing touch with friends that chose to pursue a more traditional path, exploring ways to reduce cruelty to animals, supporting those that struggle with mental illness, being frustrated as I watch the country flounder, being trashed by newspapers but developing a system for assuring their survival in the best possible way. And that is a partial list.

As a result of this work, I can give book presentations that can help groups that are serious about improving their situation. Using the form on the Contact Page, you can request a presentation. The majority of book profits go to support local economy initiatives. I welcome public scrutiny on this.

Specific Teaching Experiences By the time I was done teaching in schools in September of 2009, I had done quite a bit of different work, some of which is below.I’m certified for grades five through twelve in Massachusetts. MEP License ID# 10669154

– All subjects tutoring to students with extreme emotional or neurological disorders at the grammar, middle and high school level.
– English as a Second language to individuals and groups at European language schools.
– English as a Second language to European companies.
– English as a Second language to high school and college students.
– High School Spanish classroom teacher, Levels I-IV.
– Spanish tutoring to high school students, college students and adults
– Intermediate German to adults.
– kindergarten inclusion
– first grade guided reading
– 4th grade reading recovery
– 6th grade English
– 6th Grade Math
– Russian translating for a fourth grader