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I am Matthew J. Fraser and call myself “The Language Guy”. Language learning is what I enjoy. I  have been teaching and studying languages since 1995. Some years I flipped flashcards 6-7 hours a day. As a response, I wrote some little language learning books that respond to the needs of the market. In short, they are books of simple sentences with interesting introductions. 

1. The Language Guy’s Spanish Learner contains 500 of the simplest Spanish words with 3-4 sentences each. The idea is for beginners or intermediates to master the basics. The book can be read silently or out loud. Students that read this book every day may find that they are growing comfortable with the basics. Having taught Spanish I to Spanish IV, I know that students of all levels make basic mistakes all the time. 

The Language Guy’s Spanish Learner also recommends of other Spanish learning materials, including a Spanish frequency dictionary and two companies that produce excellent Spanish ˝easy readers˝

2. The Language Guy’s Polish Reader  is designed for readers to practice reading basic Polish. The 150  core words have 12 sentences each, for a total of 1,800 basic sentences. There are other versions of this book: one for Polish speakers learning English, and one for Germans learning Polish.

The work also reviews other existing books for learning Polish, including: a Polish/English dictionary, b. an intermediate reader & basic dictionary and c. a Polish grammar book.


                                                                           Books of Necessity

The two books below were written as a result of perceived need. They are designed to bring stability in uncertain times. They bring attention to good work that deserves attention. Questions 47 to 86 in Critical Infrastructure for Children  highlight some existing, diverse successes in the language learning field.

Ideas for America: Let the Sun In is a collection of ten essays on restoring the New England middle class. 

Critical Infrastructure for Children is a resource for parents, students and educators. The 215 questions in the book present core information for each of those three groups. You can preview CIC on Amazon with the “See Inside” feature. Both books contain strong sections on adult education. Critical Infrastructure for Children focuses on support of veterans, whereas Ideas for America: Let the Sun In has a chapter on adult education. Both books contain the quote from University of Massachusetts at Lowell president Jacqueline Moloney, who outlined our current situation with skilled labor and manufacturing, when she said;

“The manufacturing industry in Massachusetts is facing a critical shortfall in skilled workers, with jobs currently unfilled and more expected to open up over the next 10 years….over the next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely need to be filled, and the skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.